Business Process Management

Operations Management, where people use numerous methods to

*  Discover

*  Model

*  Analyse

*  Measure

*  Improve

*  Optimise

*  Automate

Business Processes

Business Process Management takes into account the following responsibilities:

*  Develop initiatives for continuous process improvements

*  Develop best practices for process improvements

*  Design, develop and implement processes to achieve organisation goals

*  Track and communicate the status of initiative projects to the Business Leadership team

*  Assist in budget planning, resource allocation, and schedule to implement process improvements

*  Plan, implement and monitor process changes for projects

*  Assist in making business decisions relating to system implementations, modifications and maintenance

*  Develop and maintain business process documentation to be used as references for preparing test cases and training documents

*  Update processes to meet changing business needs

*  Present analysis, solutions and business cases to the Business Leadership team

*  Coordinate with cross-functional teams to develop process requirements

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