Business Development Services

Small, Medium & Large sized Organisations may have limited resources in terms of people, time and money, we provide:

*   Clarity of Requirements, we work with customers to define and document their requirements, then address them through projects tailored to meet these requirements with defined parameters and the promise of tangible results

*   Professional reliable, flexible and costs effective Business Development Services that they can access whenever they need them

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Business Strategy Reviews

A Business Strategy review addresses the question a Business Leadership team should be asking itself: ‘How do we compete in this business?

Three key principles underlying a Business Strategy:

*  Having a unique valuable market position

*  Making trade-offs, choosing ‘what not to do’

*  Making the ‘fit’ by aligning business activities with one another to support the strategy

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Business Process Management

Operations Management, where people use numerous methods to

*  Discover

*  Model

*  Analyse

*  Measure

*  Improve

*  Optimise

*  Automate

Business Processes

Business Process Management takes into account the following responsibilities:

*  Develop initiatives for continuous process improvements

*  Develop best practices for process improvements

*  Design, develop and implement processes to achieve organisation goals

*  Track and communicate the status of initiative projects to the Business Leadership team

*  Assist in budget planning, resource allocation, and schedule to implement process improvements

*  Plan, implement and monitor process changes for projects

*  Assist in making business decisions relating to system implementations, modifications and maintenance

*  Develop and maintain business process documentation to be used as references for preparing test cases and training documents

*  Update processes to meet changing business needs

*  Present analysis, solutions and business cases to the Business Leadership team

*  Coordinate with cross-functional teams to develop process requirements

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Business Performance Management Reviews

Our review will address how a Business Leadership team deals with processes enabling the management of an organisation’s performance to achieve one or more pre-defined goals:

*  Align individual’s day-to-day responsibilities with strategic business objectives

*  Provide visibility and clarifying accountability related to performance expectations

*  Document individual performance to support compensation and career planning decisions

*  Establish focus for skill development and learning activity choices

*  Create documentation for legal purposes, to support decisions and reduce disputes

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Business Analysis

Emphasising on improving the operation of an entire Business System by examining and understanding the following four key areas if the system is to be effective:

*  Organisation

*  Technology

*  Processes

*  People

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Business Process Re-engineering

A business strategy focusing on rethinking and redesigning the way the work is carried out to better support an organisation’s mission and reduce costs

*  It is used to restructure an organisation by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes

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Organisation Change Management Reviews

Consider the entire organisation and what needs to change:

*  It is used only to refer to how people and teams can be affected by organisation transition

*  It deals with varying disciplines from Behavioural and Social Sciences to Information Technology and Business Systems

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Organisation Change Management Mentoring & Coaching

Focused towards the following group of people:

*  Business Executives

*  Senior Business Managers

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